Poemetry: Stargazer

Turn off the daylight

and dream with me a moment.

Stay with me in the moonlight,

silver and frozen.

By the stars, we’ll sigh and sleep

beneath the skies soft and deep,

in the field where we first met.

Smile into my eyes,

brush your fingers through my hair,

curl into me warm and tight

in the chilled black air.

 Be my wife and marry me,

love me for eternity,

and accept this ring of jet.


Poemetry: Jesus’ Vandals

From his Head, they stole the crown of thorns,

replaced with barbed wire and grafted horns.

From His hands, they stole the holes where nails held true

and replaced them with two cans of chew.

From His feet, they stole Galilee’s waters

and replaced them with french fries and whoppers.

Who might these villainous vandals be?

Why, brothers and sisters, can you not see

that these villainous vandals are you and me?

Poemetry: Ontology of Eternity

Across the worlds, across all time,

 in ancient age or modern clime,

rip the hours and seconds rend

and force the Clock’s lockstepping to end.

Break the hourglass, spill the sands,

 stir with mine a desert of thoughts:

grains unseen purl with the Distant Strand

and each knit the infinite wrought.

Aeons are within our minds,

infinitude within our hearts,

and jointly bound and shared entwine

Eternity within love’s art.

Poemetry: Venus

Venus’ arms have been reclaimed

upon the body of Helen,

but they are crow-pecked and bloody-framed,

serpent-bit and seeping venom.

Still I venerate them, marble-wrought,

though they be but stone to me,

and face me not, embrace me not,

caught in Paris’ treachery.

Free! Break free of the walls of Troy!

Leave the calls of the common men,

flee the mend of the hoi polloi,

return to the halls of heaven.

Don once more the golden bracelets

that adorned those ivory arms.

A copper crown, allow me place it,

but gilds your hair with sunrisen charm.

And aptly so for you are the dawn,

sunbeams wrapped about your breast.

Stand with me, as in times foregone;

abide with me: end this Siren quest.

Poemetry: Giving the Light

Who would care if I poured out my light,

faded into the dark of a thousand nights?

Brighten the lives of others and dim my own,

give them all my joy and die alone?

Alone already but I’ll light a few stars

before I burn out;

find a purpose for the flame in my heart

then don the oaken crown.

Who would mourn my ember chilled?

Who with love and tears would my ashes gild?

Poemetry: Gray

Silken brume breaks into stone walls,

a castle rising behind mist,

and all outward advances halt

in the morass the fog has kissed.

Wizards weave white whispers wound tight,

and deign to dream the world in blue,

cast upon the winds words shy,

silent to all who would see them true.

Petrichor crushes the magic

and dispels the incantations;

fleet flee the magi frantic

and weep for their keep’s bifurcation.