Being unneeded sounds rather terrible. To some, it probably is terrible. There is, however, freedom in it for someone like me.

Anyone who has read my blog, or actually knows me, knows well how often I rail against the differences between being wanted and being needed. Necessity is not a pretty thing. Utilitarianism is an ugly life philosophy. Truthfully, in the absence of being wanted, I would rather be alone than be needed by many.

But to be wanted… Oh, there is nothing greater in the entire world.

For someone to prefer you to not you, to know that they are fine without you but consider themselves better with you, that, that, is the loveliest thing in the world. It is a strange thought, but it is born out of Christ’s love for us. Jesus does not need anyone, or anything for that matter. We cannot do a thing to make His life better, to make Him more perfect, and yet He loves us, died for us.

His sacrifice for us is poignant for precisely this point. Consider if Jesus had to die for us instead. No option. No free will. Something to gain.

The cross loses its wonder and mystery and complexity. As to now, we are left befuddled and muted by the shock of God becoming a man and dying for us for no reason other than that we needed it. In that sense, mankind is unneeded. But not unwanted. And the lack of need in the presence of such desire, and sacrifice, is what renders us speechless and dumb.


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