Remembering why I live

Amidst the stars and fireflies, toe-tickled by dewy threads of grass, dodging a swooping bat, I found life again. The trees and open air glistered with the lucence of fireflies lighting lazily around me. Dream ceased to be soporous, emerging from the aether into the world, the world deliquesced into somnial enchantment, flecked in auric and argent coruscation, a metallurgic gloss draped over the purpled grasses. A single firefly, with ghost-white wings, drifted about me, landing on my open hand and resting there for a moment before launching to float inches away from my face, illumining three times before flying away.

I remembered that it is not only for others that I live. There is so much beauty in this world, and, sometimes, in the fog of pain, I forget that. Though I live for God above all else; and for others, especially those I love, and more especially one particular lady; I cannot forget that I also live for myself and what is important to me.

What is important to me aside from God and my love consists of innumerous tones that resonate with my heart, that create a beautiful discord and harmony within my soul. Tonight, it was the fireflies. Sometimes, just the thought of them suffices.

A thought. A touch. A glimpse. A scent. A word.

From a tiny bug to a mountainous sunset, all these and more can move my spirit. Reawaken it from slumber. Revive me from death.

Right now, I dream of a simple touch or word from one person in particular. I do not need it though. The world more than suffices for now as my heart roars into flame. Why, perhaps it would be too much for that touch or word; perhaps, in my current state, they would consume my very being and I would cease to be. Patience and hope for another day.


The stars shine for us. The fireflies light our way. Let them be our witnesses and tell the world that true love exists.


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