At the feet of the masters

All that there is to learn in the world may be found through the world. Too often, people search within the walls of universities for wisdom and knowledge. No doubt there is some to be found there, but knowledge of life itself is found apart from other people.

The trees teach us how to bend with the winds lest we crack under the strain, stoicism under the gales. The grasses tell us that one seed may fill a field. Even when the sun is veiled by clouds, still it shines. The lilacs preach to enjoy each moment for we only have so many.

Spiders train us in dedication, in doing good even if we are vilified, and that some of the things that we hate may actually be helping us. Cardinals advise us to sing even in the rain, the snow. House Wrens tutor us on being curious, on returning sweet song for sweet song. Mushrooms advise us to grow, even in the dark, that life and and abundance can be found even in shadows.

Above all other things, the stars and fireflies have been my mentors. From the stars, I have learned to dream. That logic cannot sway a heart but a distant light can shatter it wholly. From the fireflies, I have learned to love, to hope. In all the world, man is most like the firefly. We light up for but a moment, reclaiming once more our former glory only to plummet back into darkness.

By all of nature, I have forgotten more wisdom than I have garnered in college. All things point to God, to the beauty of the world He made. The masters all point to the Master.


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