A Conversation with Death

‘Is that you, old friend? It has been almost a year. And here I thought you had forgotten about me.’

‘Yes, yes, you are very funny. You know that I am never far, whether you see me or not, acknowledge me or not, nearby to even those who deny my existence. So how have you been?’

‘Why ask when you already know? You said yourself that you are never far.”

“Haha. Of course, of course. Just a bit of decorum really. ‘

‘I would call you many things, Death, but polite you are not.’

‘Come now. No need for insults. Neither Time nor Death wait for anyone. It is just part of the job; there is no need to take such a thing so personally.’

‘When your job is my life, it is hard not to do so. Formalities aside, why are you here again? Come to talk once more or is our conversation to be ended?’

‘Only here to talk. For now. How have you forgotten again that your life isn’t the most important thing? How many times do I have to visit you and remind you of it?’

‘Tell me, Death, have you ever been sick? Has Death ever suffered? Are you even alive; have you ever been?’

‘I live in all people and have lived through all of them.’

‘But have you known what it is like to feel your own presence, to feel your skeletal fingers brush against your chest?’


‘Have you ever loved another? Known what it is to need to protect yourself, not for your own existence, for the sake of another?’


‘Then, do not lecture me on the need to guard my own life. I do not live for myself, but continue for those whom God has given me.’

‘God… Yes, He is terrifying enough to inspire such foolishness.’

‘You fear Him because He is your Death.’

‘I was being kind before. Shut your mouth or —’

‘—or you will kill me? You were wrong to say that Time and Death do not wait for anyone. You are still bound by your own end. You cannot touch me until God allows it.’

‘Insolent vermin… You will be one of my most cherished trophies someday.’

‘Until then, stay far from here. Your wisdom is your own for I assure you that Death knows nothing of the human heart except how to stop it.’

‘Such an ingrate. Just remember that I am always near… and I will be back again soon.’

‘And always too soon.’


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