Poemetry: Black Dress

She strode in wrapped by the star-sequined night,

of roiling black and flashing fireflies,

and starlit wonder raised me from the earth

into the glitter of a thousand skies.

The shine of a thousand thousands of stars,

that wink and blink in the synchronized dark,

dazed me, amazed me, but, familiar, found

the sidereal black shrunken and stark.

A dab, a dot, a thought, and a tittle,

by turn, waking, passing past the middle

to a newer, truer, adoration,

seducing my soul to spark and bristle.

From the dawn, night diverted my eyes

with perjuring promise of greater sight,

for it was a star, not stars, that I sought,

a slant of sun above the starlight.

A  million astral flickers, flecks, no more,

bright by contrast to dark but to day short

of her brilliance, of her luster, of her,

resign their reign to sit in her court.

So crowned by peers, she rises far above

the common radiance, the world draped dun

by her glowing gait — and soon no others

can be seen —, and bids all the world to come.

The rayless heavens are lit by her beams,

and by them all the earth begins to teem,

and, though once shrouded in sable, so is

my rayless heart illumined and agleam.


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