First and foremost, Happy Easter. As you may well guess based upon this publishing, I have survived my surgery, despite a bit of pain (understatement train, ho!). I now have a lovely new 10 inch incision that still needs to heal and a drain that needs emptied every day. But I live.

I cannot help but find a bit of inspiration in the timing of it all, what with Easter being today. Jesus rose today and I am lifted to new life as my healing continues. Of course, my new life is only temporal, but I have much I want to do in this world still and so denied, I find myself in need of this hope. Hope that I will not have to wait for the next life to feel well again, hope that I can once again pursue the dreams born into me by my God, hope that there is still more life left in this life.

As I am still recovering, I imagine posting will be sparse, but I’ll try to get something up here and there. Have a great Easter, y’all.

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