Need to be wanted, not want to be needed

Being needed is a terrible position to find oneself in. When one becomes a cog, a piece in a Rube Goldberg Machine, the inherent worth of the individual is reduce to utilitarian machinations, only needed insomuch as there be no other piece able to replace the one. And so the person is indeed replaceable. In regards to utilitarian purposes, very few people are truly irreplaceable. But again, this is in viewing the person as a puzzle piece, seeing only their “useful” attributes rather than their ipseic and idiosyncratic and nonubiquitous singularity.

This is also forgetting that such a need being placed on a human is foolish at best. Humans are imperfect, and, given enough days and breath, will fail. We will always fall off of the pedestals on which we are placed.

To be wanted is the finest thing in the world, though. To be wanted is to be desired beyond our functionality in the life of another, to be found valuable and recognized for our self-ness, for who we are past our skills and mortality, for our heart. We ought not to be the center of others’ worlds, eschewing that need-lie wherein we must be all and yet cannot be. In the want, we can be sure that we are not valued solely for what we give and provide, but for who we are.

The want of another is also a free choice, free from all pretense and circumstance, chained solely in love and not necessity, wherein we are not necessary but desired all the same. Necessity damns all hope of such a hope. We are relegated to Maslow’s pyramid, to charts, to numbers. All we become is a faceless tool, inhuman and used as such.

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