In the aftermath of today

Events like what happened in Paris make me pensive and morose. First, to consider the amount of loss and pain, the vast sufferings, poisons my heart with sorrow and rage. What comes next? More suffering. More bombings by France. More bombings and attacks in France in response. And each day shall see a new spring of violence, seeds germinating with each death and each act of violence.

What too, I must consider, will come of the millions of refugees that these monstrous terrorists have now put a spotlight on. If they are indeed found out to have traveled in with their groups, undoubtedly the refugees will suffer. Could there be more terrorists amongst their number as well? How sure can any country be? And so more innocents suffer.

One must further consider their own position in life in light of these events. I find myself asking so many questions which the nihilist may find fruitless and simple to answer, but as a Christian I am left to ponder. Why have I been given today when others have not? Do I deserve to have this day more than one of those who do not have it? Have I spent today in a worthy manner? How can people walk around and conduct themselves as though nothing happened? Why aren’t they more grateful for today? I realize I don’t live in France, but these were human beings who were slaughtered and these were human beings who perpetrated such evil acts. How can people not consider such serious and important questions rather than focusing on petty trifles like what Stabucks did with their holiday cups? I say that with even more gravity as the people behind such stupidity are Christians who are more concerned about a red cup than the lives of other human beings.

I am left near speechless that so few people where I live seemed to care. Just another news story and off to the day. But it wasn’t just another news story. It can’t be another news story. So many people noticed I was quiet today, not smiling as much as usual. Why the hell shouldn’t I have been somber after such an event? Right. It was just a news story.

Now, I sit here melancholic and despairing the future of millions. I sit here furious for the wickedness that pervades the heart of some men. Furious at the apathy of many. Furious that all of this will happen again.


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