Living for more than Sunday

Can we just stop, Christians? Can we just stop with all the cliche nonsense of having life-changing experiences during camp weeks and missions trips? All we hear is how much a person has changed and yet they come back to their lives and suddenly they are the same again.

Back to the same mindless spewed drivel of impuissant aphorisms that have nothing to do with Christ. Want a good idea if something is wrong and everything is the same? If you spend most of your time around other Christians and in a church, you aren’t living the gospel. You are playing Country Club in a building made for worship.

But then, maybe that is part of the problem. We believe in a house of worship but not a body of worship. We go to God instead of taking Him with us.

There is a quote by Brennan Manning that I have always adored: “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.” Was it any different in Jesus’ time? The religious people prevented others from finding God, a black brume of not unbelief but unlived belief.

It is not our inaction to believe the Bible but to live it that pushes people away from Christianity.

Thank God I believe in Him with a faith tempered because if I judged by the lives of Christians, I would have walked away long ago. Tell me something. How is it that the lives of Christians look the exact same, aside from an Ichthys symbol slapped on our bumper and cross necklaces hanging around our necks, as those who aren’t Christians?

Our crosses blazon our cars and chests but not our hearts, not our lives. And that is another piece of the problem. We are fearless in putting a WWJD sticker on our windshield, but fearful of living the daily life Jesus did. Ma foi, we should be terrified to live that life! The world will hate us if we do, and nowadays fellow Christians will hate us as well.

But we cannot serve both God and our comfort. We cannot serve God only overseas where people are more open to Christ, where people will not ridicule us for the stupidity of believing in a God who loves us. We cannot continue chasing after Jesus across the world and at special events when He stands before us at every moment. You will find Him there, but will the people you come in contact with each day find Him here, in you and through you? Will you only touch lives without the terror of having to see the person again, having to greet them, having to care about them for more than a week at a time?

Each day is your church service to the world. Make it matter.

8 thoughts on “Living for more than Sunday

      • ebonyalexis says:

        I feel like it also has to do with the way our culture accepts Christ as well. We take the gospel as advice rather than good news, in the words of Timothy Keller.


      • christiankello says:

        As the great Georges Bernanos wrote in Diary of a Country Priest, “You can’t go offering the truth to human beings as thought it were a sort of insurance policy, or a dose of salts. It’s the Way and the Life. God’s truth is the Life.”


      • ebonyalexis says:

        that’s good stuff! yeah i feel weird keep quoting books but in radical it says how when we become uncomfortable with the bible and church, we change it more into our likeness, therefore we are no longer following Jesus but a version of him we have construed. The reason why we do not find drive or fulfillment in following him anymore is because we are actually worshiping a version of ourselves, us changing Jesus to become more like us rather than us changing to be like him.


  1. nbeard79 says:

    I LOVE this post. So true. Thank you for keeping this perspective because we need to keep this perspective (especially when people are telling us other things). And thank you for all your posts which I have been catching up on.–from a not so bearded Beard


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