Poemetry: Strife of the Butterflies

On a summer lilac rests a Black Swallowtail,

blue iridescence scintillating in the sun,

hidden of eye but, by light, torn the divine veil.

From slanted breeze of summer ague, on daisy sails

glides a Yellow Swallowtail to the nectared bliss.

Ruin strikes on lies of gold, turning gusts to  gales.

A flap! A flutter! Dossi and Dali clash!

Two wings framed of heaven score hell beneath each thrash.

The Strife of Butterflies quits to sulken silence,

the stagnant air perfumed with perfected violence.

A dismembered wing lolls on the purple petals, —

its hue black and blue — burnishing blooming nettles.

Triumphant drifts the Yellow fiend, declaring throne

where never was, for Yellow and Yellow alone.


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