The days of summer

Finally, in these last days of summer, I have come to feel like my summer exists. Namely, it has been a great event followed by Nature presenting herself in fullness. Yet… there is still something missing.

Yesterday, I was able to attend a wonderful symphony at Heinz Hall. Even better, I was able to secure box seating. It was stupendous being able to see and hear so closely the mellifluous strains and strings played by the symphony.

Today, while standing on my back deck, birds of all sorts put on a show of a different sort. In particular, a pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers flickered back and forth to random trees. I can only imagine they were searching for spots to nest as each egress was too soon made to have been searching for food.

Even more, a few hours later, I opened one of the blinds in the front of my house to behold a spectacular sight. The female Red-bellied Woodpecker was on the ground, digging under a rock for bugs. This, however, was not the sight which left me in awe. As the sun poured over the wood-chipped ground, the shaft’s of the female’s tail feathers glowed as molten gold. She continued her search through the wood chips and closer to the window where began to spread out her right wing. Each and every feather shaft were illuminated, a golden skeleton feathered in beige. It was as though the dull outer color played as dirt to bury the ossified gold.

Still, I can’t help but know something is missing. What it is… Well, I will leave that unsaid. It is not a subject I wish to write on. Not now anyway.

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