In the beat of a hummingbird wing

Hummingbirds in North America beat their wings 53 times per second. In that second, 2 people died. Gone. We cannot live for today; we don’t even have that.

We must live and appreciate and be grateful for each moment for it is the only life we have.

The past is gone, each previous second an ashen cinder that disintegrates upon grasp. The future is uncertain, each subsequent second a child yet born. All we have is now.

It is a subject to which we are wholly averse. Of those two, were either ready to die? How about the around 151,000 who will die each day? Was dying in their plans? I doubt impending death is obvious to most who die.

And yet, every moment of every day, we — we who live in the privileged countries, who need not think on death each moment — plan our lives as though it cannot happen. Oh, that is no condemnation of planning ahead, but perhaps on planning without contingencies.

We must plan our lives but we must realize that this moment, this very moment, is the only sure thing we have in this world aside from God. All the more rather than being morbid, this gives an appreciation for the moment, for the people and places and beauty we have right now, for we, and they, may not be in the next.

Our lives, all of them, may change and we have no option but to be where we are. Wherever you are, be there. Be there with all your mind and spirit and body. Be where you most need to be, with everything fiber of your being.

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