Lit Review: The Road

How I ended up reading this book is a bit beyond me. Sure, I was intrigued by it. Familiar with the influential nature it has had on post-apocalyptic everything.

But this book is post-modern to its very bindings. McCarthy writes extensively in tiny sentences, fragments, eschewing quotation marks and commas all the same. The world is bleak. The characters’ lives are bleak. The story is bleak.

And yet, I enjoyed it.

Unlike many post-modern books, the writing style in its sparsity fits perfectly to the Dystopian world that envelops the characters. I won’t go so far as to say I like the writing style apart from the story, but it worked for this book. The breakdown of punctuation and the use of parataxis, that is to say simple sentence structure, befits a world where everything is about getting back to basics.

All that said, the story left a bit perplexed. It is easily understood, but there is a sense of dullness. Even in the end, while being moved a bit emotionally, it was my own feelings and mental machinations that produced much of it. The book is just too sparse for its own good in this moment. Overall, I liked and yet didn’t like it. Like I said: perplexed.

It is a quick and simple read but I do, in the end, recommend reading it. The story and interactions are intriguing enough to push pass the repetition and occasional dullness.

I give it a 7.7/10.


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