Current listenings

I don’t normally pay attention to Eurovision. Perhaps I should have, but it wasn’t until this year’s contest that I really took notice. First, I was shocked that Sweden won. The song was not bad, but it was nothing special compared to Italy and Russia. Second, I was a bit awed by the lighting. As someone who used to run a small lightboard with intelligent lights, this blew me away.

In any case, I love some of the songs so here are not only my current listenings but also my top 5 songs from Eurovision (in order):

The last song is contentious in regards to my own decision of placing it fifth. It’s lyrical content is… well, crap. I love the music, singing, and dancing (plus he has a pair of what appear to be Hermes’ shoes which is insanely awesome). But the lyrics… Any way, even though I will say that Il Volo are all the best singers in the competition, Polina Gagarina’s passion while singing, and the song itself, made it my favorite.


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