Freedom is free

A banal phrase is granted scandal based on where its feet touch ground. In America, to say that freedom is free flies in the face of our society’s mantra of “Freedom ain’t free”. But then, that is the problem isn’t it? It is America’s mantra.

But is it true?

For that to be answered, we must also consider the nature of freedom itself. Is freedom purely physical? Is it at all physical?

To those who say yes to freedom correlating to physical ability, I ask you this: if you were to lose the use of your legs, and only your legs, would you no longer be free? I doubt very much that many would say they were no longer free. Why, the physical realm may be filled with obstacles, that is certain, but they are obstacles and nothing more.

A mind and spirit unfettered is true freedom.

Much to the dismay of militant individuals, such a statement implies a problem. Freedom cannot be purchased by the acts of men. Cannot be bought at the price of life that we might attain some greater share. It is perhaps this thought that is a yoke too heavy to bear, for those who have given their lives in such pursuits are venerated above all others. They are gods among men. And idols.

So we must see that we have embraced a false gospel. We have accepted that physical violence is what brings us freedom, that the acts of men allow us to be free. How terribly we have been duped. Can any virtue be had by taking the good of another? We enslave the world with fear of bomb whistles that we might call our nation the freest. And yet, we ourselves may have our “freedom” taken from us should the state demand it. How many innocent people are sleeping on a prison mattress tonight?

Yet even in prison, true freedom cannot be taken away from us. Such an example is set before us in the case of Paul and Silas singing fluttering hymns that drifted through the bars to the heavens. Their hands were shackled, their spirits free.

Freedom can not, and does not, belong to whomever has power over another. Why, most often it is that the powerful are fettered by their power, while those they lord over taste greater freedom. Rather than relying on God for the freedom promised in the Bible, men have turned to themselves and other men for “freedom”, but it can not be obtained this way.

We must stop placing the state, and its actions, above God. Only God can give us freedom, not a missile. It was for freedom that He set us free. Let us live it then, with our hopes solely in the heavens.

Every moment is free if our spirits are so.


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