Where the heart is

I saw this video the other day, and I can’t stop myself from writing about it. I don’t want to stop myself from writing about it. What has happened to the people who would tweet such wicked things? How can they think it is okay to talk about a person, a person, in such a way?

But how can I condemn them? Don’t we do the same thing when we walk past them and say nothing? These people who speak such evil are merely giving wings to words we keep trapped in our hearts.

We not only walk past them, but we ignore them. As though they were just a gust of wind, we brush off their pleas and keep walking. This isn’t all though.

If they somehow manage to get our eyes on them, we treat them like disease-ridden beasts, strays unwanted by those better than them. We refuse to sit by them; they smell. We refuse to talk to them; they’re drunk anyway. We refuse to help them; they’re just lazy. We refuse to treat them as humans but they are humans. No matter how we treat them, they are humans. People with hopes and dreams that have been struck down and are finally slain altogether by having to live without so much as the dignity to be looked at.

We treat them as nothing by how we live our lives. Our money goes to frivolous junk, to lattes and iPods. We’ll do something nice and pay for the person behind us at a fast food restaurant — and when it happens enough times in a row, it makes the news. How generous of us to feed those who can afford it. How good of us to help those who don’t need our help.

And what of the homeless? The people who need us the most, need love the most, get the least from us. “What ever you did for the least of these…” repeats in my head. In the guise of despair, Jesus sits and asks, “What are you going to do?” Well, what are we going to do?

Jesus also said that “wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. I guess that makes it clear that our hearts aren’t with the homeless, doesn’t it? We need to stop fooling ourselves into thinking that a kind word and a wink-prayer are enough, that a dollar is enough. If we really helped the homeless, I mean eliminated it altogether, starting in our own country, could people condemn Christianity as much as they do? If we did what the Bible tells us to do, what would this world look like?


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