Poemetry: A Moth in Love

How you shine! oh candle flicker, that light

which beckons me toward your flashing fire.

How draw I nearer your waxen spire,

creeping closer to your bright-burning sight?

My blackened spots overtake body white,

consuming it with charcoal desire:

How could your glowing flame be my pyre,

your siren-warmth be my immortal night?

Burn, I burn, over your blaze and for it!

Searing fingers caress my soul and wings:

endure, endure, my frame, the pain that wracks

and chars you; instead, we ought adore it!

Our ashes fall into her melting wax,

married together: forever, we cling.

Another fun project for the ending of my creative writing class: a sonnet. I like it but I think it needs more time. Then again, if I didn’t publish it now, it would most likely be a “work-progress” forever. Cheers!


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