Blessed are the warmongers…

“Blessed are the warmongers; for they shall be called the children of God.”

Wait. What? What do you mean I wrote that wrong?

Oh come on. There is no way that it is supposed to be “Blessed are the peacemakers…”. If that were true, why do the majority of Christians in the U.S., regardless of party affiliation, support war? They certainly would not be proponents of putting nation worship before God worship; so how can it be suggested that they do just that by inverting what the Bible says?


The choices to war on behalf of American politicians is solely aligned with the purposes of God. Isn’t that obvious? I mean even an atheist can see that much.

Have I proven my point? Can I end with that bit of satire or need I continue? Odds are that when you read the faux verse I opened with, a bolt of inherent wrongness flashed through your mind. And it should have. We know so well the verse is “the peacemakers are the children of God” but so many live the abomination I posted. Do we actually believe Jesus’ words that the children of God are to be warriors of peace and reconciliation?

No. Those are just words. They can do nothing in this world.

Maybe this is why Christianity is so often the main target of atheists’ derision. We have become jokes. They know our word better than we do. And I’d say a good portion of the time, they live it better than we do.

How is it that we call ourselves sons and daughters of the God who calls Himself “Love” and yet favor violence?


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