After my post on Sunday night, about the lack of giving in the U.S., I realized that sometimes people don’t know good places to give. In the vast ocean of charities, it can be hard to find ones that are worthwhile. Not all of them are trustworthy either.

Before giving to a charity, it is worth looking them up on, the Better Business Bureau’s site for charities. You can read reports on how they give their money as well as their oversight and many other features. It is unfortunate that this is necessary but there are too many scamming people who are willing to take the money from the needy to not check

In full disclosure, I will mention that the charities I recommend are Christian charities. In any case, World Vision is my top recommendation. They do relief around the world, including some here in the United States. I actually volunteered at one of their warehouses for a few years before I went back to school. It really is a wonderful organization.

I also recommend Amazima Ministries. They do amazing work in Uganda including providing education and health care for the local community. They also have a store that sells beautiful necklaces and bracelets made from rolled magazine pages. These are made by the local women, and proceeds go to them as a source income and to a fund to feed daily the 1200 local children.

Above all else, I can’t stress enough that giving money is not enough. Put your hand to the proverbial plow. People need to see that they are loved as much as they need fed. Charities like World Vision also rely on volunteers to help ship aid around the world. Please give both of your time and money.


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