An early “I hate Valentine’s Day” post

Wait, wait, wait! I promise this isn’t the usual “I’m single so I hate Valentine’s Day” post. And yes, I do hate the commercialization of love. Still, these are not the qualms I want to rant about here.

My qualm with Valentine’s Day is that it is a day. A single day. And the only “designated” time to display our love for our beloveds.

So there is only one day out of three hundred and sixty-five that you should do something special with your other? What garbage! Come on. When you love someone, Valentine’s Day, the spirit of Valentine’s Day, ought to be every single day. No, it won’t always be gifts. No, it won’t always be a special date. But we can, should, do special things every day for those we love: a handwritten letter telling them how much you love them, a poem about them or their favorite things, anything!

I also can not stand the predictability of Valentine’s Day. Maybe my love is unpredictable towards those I love, but surely not everyone likes the idea of doing something special the same day every year, do they? I refuse to be that predictable, to allow my love be relegated to the realm of a calender day to check off as having celebrated.

Love must be wild in that it is reckless. Too often we keep our hearts guarded and so we like predictability. It makes Valentine’s Day a “safe” day to love as we desire. A tamed love is, however, a dead love.

Yes, it is risky. Yes, you will get hurt. A reckless heart, wild and unfettered, must be resilient. But it is worth it!

Let it be known that I am not telling you to let Valentine’s Day pass without doing something for the one you love. But do something of yourself. Make a card or at least write the message inside yourself. And above all else, please don’t let it be the only day you do something special for the person you love. No, doing something special for their birthday and your anniversary does not count.

Complete tangent: the picture is a Howl’s Moving Castle Valentine’s Day card. It is awesome.


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