Spirits of Christmas

I don’t like Christmas. That is probably strange to hear from a Christian. But Christmas isn’t what it should be.

First, Jesus wasn’t born near December 25th (not that I disagree, but I’m not headed towards the problem of it being a pagan holiday). Well, it is extremely unlikely according to modern scholarship. That isn’t the point anyway. Even if Jesus was in fact born on this day, there is a problem.

As Christians, we should be celebrating the birth — and death and resurrection and, well, just about everything — of Jesus every single day. How could we not be thankful every day for the day hope was born? How could we pick one day to celebrate and awe at Jesus’ birth? Even if we do so the rest of the year, why would we pick one day to give even a thread more? All our love for Him should be given all the time.

Second. I suppose this is what most people were expecting in the beginning, but I have to rail against the unadulterated consumerism. Christmas is toted as being all about giving. And it should be. But not giving material things. Christmas should be about giving love to those around us. There are people who don’t have families, aren’t close with their families, who are alone and need love. Our own families need our love just the same.

Third and lastly, I struggle on a more personal level. I don’t have many people I am close with and this is amplified during the holidays. All I have right now are the memories of my grandmother, Baba (that is ‘grandmother’ in Russian for the uninitiated). She was Christmas for me. She died over 15 years ago now, and not one Christmas has been the same without her. I can’t help but tear up just writing about her.

My family still has some ceramic and porcelain pieces that she painted. They are displayed every year and every year they make me think of her. Miss her. Nothing has ever taken her place. I suppose nothing ever can.

Loneliness hits me hard during these days. The past is gone. The present is me alone. The future has yet to come. I guess that is why I love Christmas (the notion of Jesus’ birth, not the day itself) all the more though. Hope was born, but so was Love. With Jesus, I am never alone. Never again. And so in spite of it all, though I find myself lonely, He is with me. Always. Forever.

In case you were wondering about the video, this is my favorite video during Christmas time. Even outside of Christmas time. And no, I don’t work nor am sponsored by Eat N’ Park. I can’t help but smile, and maybe tear up a little, when I see it. It’s like The Giving Tree in Christmas short video form.


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