Ramblings of a broken heart

There are moments that change us. Moments that ruin us. Words rush my mind with violence.

All forms of Love bring pain. It is the disparity between the desire for perfection and the actual imperfection of humans. Pain shows the depth of our Love for another: the greater the Love, the deeper the pain we might feel. Pain is Love’s designated driver.

Hate is better than silence. At least I could hear from you again. Now… now, there is nothing.

I wonder if you know how much you meant to me.I wonder if it would have changed a thing if you did. I wonder if it matters. I wonder why things had to turn out like this. I wonder if I haven’t made a fool’s choice. I wonder how long until my heart knows silence and peace again. I wonder if you will read this.

Every time my heart is shattered, I find a small chip missing when I try to glue it back together. I never have been able to get back every piece of it when I give it away. I hope that on my last day on this earth, the last piece will be gone, having given away every bit of it. I just wish they would have been returned with their new owners to stay with me there…

Rage heart, rage. Tremble with the sorrow and fury. Drink in the madness of self-pity; weep and wallow in the tears of what could have been. Give me room to thrash, but do not go far, Father. Let me writhe in the void for a furious moment, but stay close for I will need You soon enough.


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