Day of wrath dispersed

What a terribly peculiar day. I was exhausted when my alarm went off (this was not peculiar). I reset it for another 45 minutes but could not fall back to sleep. For some reason, upon giving up sleep to the night, I opened my blind. I never open my blinds until after I have gotten my shower. But when I did, I couldn’t help but look outside into the sky. Again, what possessed me, I have no clue. There in the sky, a crescent moon sleeping in frosted air, behind a blanket of branches. It was magnificent. Alabaster spread wide like the gossamer wings of a moth; a soft, azure-kissed silver glow.

So far so good. I have, however, been feeling rather unwell the past few days. By the end of the day, I was feeling well. Classes went well. Up and up.

Then I stopped by work and saw my schedule. I have been pressed pretty hard for time and a need to unwind now that school is moving to the end of the semester. Unfortunately, my schedule is neither conducive to school work nor to rest. And then I get home, tired and frustrated and I still can not rest. At this point, I am about done with this day that started so well.

And it was what I knew I was coming home to that catalyzed my apprehension and upset. It was the day I alluded to in my last “Current listenings”. It began yesterday. I needed to write something to a very important person. While I spent a lot of time writing, I couldn’t quite get right what I needed to say so I pushed it on to today. It was for the best anyway as there are times when my emotions are piqued that my mind is less than clear in my fingers’ translation. A new day, a new perspective I thought. Worth noting is that I had put off for a week the urge to write this message.

Divine comedy strikes me here. I think that it would be funny if my intended audience were to write me first, especially after waiting as I had; really, that it was the only way my day could go worse and yet better. The skies part and a ray of sunshine beams upon a nearby envelope. Okay, that last part didn’t happen. But I had been preemptively written to. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Cosmic humor at its finest. Hashtag moments that prove God has a sense of humor.

How could I stay frustrated after that moment? I can’t help but laugh and smile. It leaves me in a bind as to what to do, but that is one of those moments that could not be anymore perfect. Life is wonderful even in moments of terror, stress, frustration, and pain. Wonderful.

P.S. Bonus points for knowing the picture.


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