Almost every person I have met has been unable to realize what they were truly worth. I suppose it is endemic to humanity, a part of our fallen condition. If there is one thing that my spirit seems to fight for, it is for people to realize how wrong they are. It is hard to watch people who are talented beyond words crippled by their inability to see it.

We are surrounded by the blind of heart. It is a darkness beyond all other. The world becomes eternal night as our hearts lose their ability to be self-aware. Groping along for a railing, searching for a light, we become content just to be.

Existence cannot be enough. We are worth so much more than settling to be. Each person has at least one gift, one thing that makes them great and they must be brought to the forefront of our lives, and if necessary dragged to it.

Each person has beauty in them. If I could only tell you how many times I have heard from women about how they cannot see their own beauty… It breaks my heart. How many times have I heard, “I wish I was as beautiful as her,” while the same girl is thinking the same thing about her.

Let me say this — and I say this not just to women — if you don’t realize your self-worth, nobody will. You will settle for a job that you took only for the money and find yourself miserable. You will settle for a boyfriend or girlfriend who does not value you. Oh, you may get lucky and find one who does. Maybe. But if you don’t think highly of yourself, why should anyone else? Believe in yourself. In who you were made to be.

If no one has ever told you before, I say this to you now: You. Are. Worthy. You are valuable. You are fantastic and wonderful and beautiful. And by God Almighty you are no mistake. You are a cherished child of heaven and were given gifts to share with the world. Let your flame burn bright and leave the world in awe, unshrouded by the shadowy veil of lies.

Do not let your flame burn alone. Light the torch that has been extinguished in those you meet. In so doing, your own torch shall be rekindled and you will find the world a brighter place than yesterday.


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