A world gone mad

Rarely do I write about a current event. There are exceptions which must be explored. It was a smaller story, particularly compared to the midterm elections.

In Fort Lauderdale, a 90 year-old man and two ministers were arrested for feeding homeless people. Clearly, they are heinous criminals who must face much deserved punishment for… Wait. What? No, really that’s it?

Yes, that is correct. These monsters, miscreants, were so audacious that they set up a line of tables and served doughnuts and other food items to people who are starving. And they were promptly arrested for doing so. Oh, and they face up to 60 days in jail.

I suppose my title makes a bit of sense, huh? What kind of world bans the ability to feed homeless, famished people? I believe I just stumbled upon the problem through a bit of serendipity! I called them people. But that isn’t what these people see them as. It is the same as a “Don’t feed the bears” sign in Yellowstone.

These “beasts” are a nuisance. By feeding them, they will come around more often. They might even be forced to interact with them! Or smell them! May the heavens forbid it.

Clearly, the days of noblesse oblige and Carnegie’s Savage Wealth are gone. The wealthy are certainly not noble, less so generous. They have retrogressed to relics of feudal times, and these needy are of the slave and serf castes. This is no mere stinginess, but proactive persecution of the helpless.

Greed is enough to disgust me. This is, however, taking things to an entirely different level. I have a crazy idea: maybe help the homeless out of poverty and then you won’t need to deal with them. Yeah, you’re right. Too crazy.

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