Songs in the night

“Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night[?]” – Job 35:10 (NIV)

I think that is such a beautiful phrase. Our God gives us songs in the night. And when the darkest hour appears, song may lift our spirits.

Lately, I find need for such words. Life has been hectic to understate things. Between school, work, and the et cetera, I don’t feel like I have any time to write, to play piano, to do any of the things I love and need to do. All the more, now is when I need to do them.

But business is not the only obstacle; it never is. Being busy only complicates things for me. I am the type that needs time alone when beset upon by the brigands of joy. I need the time to strategize, plan, and set an offensive against them into motion.

And I simply do not have that time. I feel as though I have been bound and forced to watch as my precious moments abscond into the night. I am helpless, penurious. God is not absent though.

Through the tears, a song effervesces within my chest. There it is, erupting from my ribcage. No, from my spirit. And behind it, scorch marks of joy etch my being. I am inflamed with the sacred, fiery strain of God.

Slivers of darkness turn to silver ash in the divine flames. Here I find myself again. Reclaimed. Untarnished. Purified. As though a mellifluous phoenix, I am born again within the blaze. I have found my own flame rekindled in the songs of night. My spirit burns with the lyrics God engraved into it.


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