Have you ever noticed that our society (American society, that is) loves the idea of enabling people? Not in any positive fashion, though. We enable each other’s destructive behaviors.

We don’t like to be the bearers of bad news. Neither are we being optimistic. We are optimistupid. No, stupid isn’t right. We are cowards.

May God forbid that we be honest with people. Everything else, we can do, but not that. Anything but that.

But we will gossip about how stupid that person is behind their back. We will think that they should leave their girlfriend or boyfriend but say nothing. We will be honest everywhere and to everyone except to the person who needs our honesty.

I realize how hard it is to be honest with people. The people who need our honesty don’t always want it. Even amongst those who ask for it, most don’t actually want it; they really want a ‘yes’ friend. So that is what we have become.

And we are all the worse for it. We are afraid to tell people the truth. Our friends who need wisdom get none and make foolish decisions.

But I can tell you that when you tell people the truth, it feels a whole lot better. And even if they don’t heed your advice, they will realize who their true friends are afterwards. They will respect you and love you for your honesty. After all, honest people are rare and should be treasured.

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