Southern sayings

It may come as a surprise that I love all things words. Okay, maybe not… I am always intrigued by linguistic things, whether that be dialects, morphology, semantics, whatever. Before you think this is going to be some highbrow post, don’t. One of my recent loves is all things Southern, particularly their sayings.

So like any individual bordering the line of insanity, I started making up my own. And I’m going to post them here. Yep. Here goes:

“She’s happier than a jackrabbit on a carrot farm.”

“It’s hotter than a Habanero in Hell.”

“It’s so hot here that the devil comes to *insert city name* when Hell’s too cold.”

“That’s crazier than Caligula hula-hooping in a tutu with a walrus.”

Yeah. I need to keep coming up with more of those. Oh, and don’t think this is by any means mocking of Southern culture and its sayings. It is pure admiration for its wittiness.


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