While you were selfieing

There is nothing that makes me want to swear more. While we waste away our time with foolish things, people starve, live on the streets. Then again, we don’t have to look at them. Ever.

When we pass them, we turn our heads away as though they were not even worth the freaking dignity of being acknowledged as human. So let us keep taking selfies since we are only concerned with ourselves. We are blissfully ignorant of the needs of the world. But we can not continue in this ignorance, not if we truly care about people.

Somewhere near 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. Our eyes and minds only register the number. What if we thought of each one with a name? Hiwot. Harry. Ekenedilichukwu. Elizabeth. Laila. Lawrence. Pradeep. Pat.

Those who have died from poverty are so much more than a name. They are not solely children. They are siblings, parents, spouses, friends. Humans.

Christians, where are we? What are we doing with our money? What are we doing with our time? Can we even call ourselves Christians any longer?

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these…” is a forgotten verse in our churches. And yet we are quick to talk about sowing seeds to get more money back. Prosperity, prosperity, prosperity. To what end? We are blessed that we might bless others, not our own wallets and assets.

We have become self-centered (the term ‘selfie’ speaks to this sufficiently enough). It speaks of our corrupted faith. How is that within the Church such poison has spread? Maybe the problem is that our churches no longer preach and live the gospel. There is but a nefast shadow that is like our faith in appearance alone, but a vile blight in substance.

The Church must be more than the social club it has become. It must once more be reborn, reformed to the shape of its true glory. Our King is not a king of the past, throwing opulent parties for the nobles to celebrate themselves.

Our King loves, and implores us to the same, all peoples. He is King of the pauper, the dispossessed, the beggar; as much as He is our King. Let us bring our starving, homeless family into the dignity of enough, of warmth and love that we have horded for ourselves. Let us earnestly bear the name of Christ.


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