Natural beauty

Today, I was lazing around when I heard one of my favorite sounds. It was close. Too close. I walked slowly towards my deck for I knew it would be there. A juvenile Carolina Wren sat on the corner railing, singing happily. Another joined it, flitting on to a nearby chair.

There is nothing better than the natural beauty the world has to offer. I love art, but nothing compares to nature. To see the puffed feathers of a wren as it tweets, to feel the breeze that rustles the leaves of a great oak looming above you, to smell the scent of lilac and honeysuckle wafting through the summer air, can anything compare?

Nature is amazing even in the sparsity of a city. I was walking along a sidewalk and could not contain my awe. The trees (I believe they are Honey Locusts) that line the road were beginning to lose their small, elongated-oval leaves and the sidewalk was carpeted with them. Nature seems to make its own lovely yellow confetti. I was unable to resist picking up a handful and tossing them in the air.

I found myself doubly amazed at the trees’ roots. The bricked sidewalk rose and fell in ripples. Man’s work could not stop nature. My feet were made to dance to the rhythm of her growth.

We are ever surrounded by natural beauty. Our eyes must be allowed to wander. Our minds too for that matter. Take heed of the miracles enveloping us each moment.


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