That word is an eclipse. It blocks out light. Blocks out hope. It must go.

I really should not advocate the disposal of words. They are, after all, my life and future. There is, however, no word in the language of humanity that has destroyed so many hopes, dreams, and ideas.

Regardless of language and society, the phrases “that is impossible”, “it is impossible”, or simply “impossible” (I suppose “that is not possible” is out there too to spice things up) have been used to slay the hearts and minds of the creative. Of the hopeful. Of children and adults alike.

The word is like wild fire in the dry season with a gasoline rain. Once one person accepts impossible, once one person accepts limitations, they must impose it upon others. Otherwise they will have to face to realities of cowardice and laziness.

We can only live up to the limitations we accept for ourselves. Whatever their size, within those borders we must live. Our limitations are our house. Or our prison.

There is hope, though, for our hearts are malleable. At any time, we can change what we accept as guides for our life. When our heart and mind meet, accepting that no cost is too great, no fire too hot, no distance we will not travel, we can do anything. Anything.


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