Current listenings

As promised, I have some fully expected music that I mentioned in my ‘Things I’m excited about’ post. In general, I seem to be listening to a lot more classical, particularly piano, now that I have begun to learn piano. I guess that is natural. Not that I didn’t listen to a lot of them both already, but they seem to dominate the other genres now. Unlike my past postings, I am including a link to a small Grooveshark playlist as YouTube has blocked all except for one song from the particular album to which I have been listening. Anyway, let’s have a looky-loo… well, a listen-loo I suppose (oh, and enjoy the terrible syncing of the “Beneath a Moonless Sky” video):!/playlist/Current+Listenings/100596887


I just love Joe Hisaishi. I love music that is expressive and emotional, and I feel like every piece of his carries through on those points. I also really love the use of leitmotifs which he does so very well.

Jason Upton is by far one of my favorite worship artists (piano tends to win me over). He isn’t terribly well-known in the scheme of Christian music, but he plays with genuine love and passion. Unfortunately, some Christian music comes off as manufactured and synthetic, but not Upton. His songs move my spirit to peace and praise. Wonderful stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the tunes!

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