In living, he forgot what it meant to live

In our eternal business, in seeking the life we want, the life the world tells us to have, we have forgotten what living is all about. We chase jobs. We chase money. We chase life.

And there is the problem. The things we chase are always ahead of us. We cannot catch “life” as we have come to understand it. Life, authentic life, is not found in the future. Life is a collection of the present chances, whether we notice them or not.

Chances is perhaps a strange word to choose, but not one chosen by accident. We only have one chance to find life in each moment before it is gone. It is like the flicker of a star about to fall: blink and it is already lost.

Life as we define it so often is our physical life and its trappings. But that is not life. True life consists of the things that give our physical lives meaning. Life for me is faith, love, hope, joy, meaning, thought, peace, literature, music, art, and so very much more.

The more we chase after the physical life, the further the constituents of true life are from our grasp. How many incredible moments do we miss with our eyes on the distant mountain when beauty is before us? Or perhaps our eyes are in the present but distracted in the multitude of technology surrounding us. We have traded wonders for spectacles, the lasting for the fleeting, the diamond for the drek.

In the depth of moments, we will find life. We tread water in the center of the ocean of life but try to swim to its banks. We underestimate the depths around us and overestimate the depths that lie before us. The banks may offer safety and the waters danger, but the safest life is one not lived, not worth living. Dare the crests that are here; leave the beaches for the dying and frightened.

Abide in the nadir, the deepest point, in all things. Taste, don’t just eat. Smell, don’t just breathe. See, don’t just look. Listen, don’t just hear. Feel, don’t just touch. Live, don’t just exist.


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