Things I’m excited about

There seem to be a plethora of reasons to smile for me as of late so I thought I would share some.

First, I cannot contain my giddiness for the Phantom of the Opera. It is coming to my town early next year. It is on the mind because they finally announced a date for tickets to go on sale. I went last time it was in town and I can’t wait for it to come back. Side note, most people don’t know this, but Andrew Lloyd Webber made a sequel. It is called Love Never Dies. The story is as cheesy (I am being more than generous) as the name implies, but the music is quite good.

Also in music news, at least as pertains to me, iTunes (my last, but only, choice) finally released the soundtrack to my favorite movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. I have bought all of 3 songs from iTunes in the past 2 years, primarily buying from Amazon instead. But iTunes is the only one who sells this soundtrack, and that is not to mention that to purchase the imported CD from Japan would cost around $75. So needless to say I am ecstatic. Joe Hisaishi, the movie’s composer, is my absolute favorite. I suppose between the first two paragraphs, the ‘Current listenings’ won’t be too much of a surprise this week. Haha.

In more random news, I have figured out that I am more like a cat than a dog despite being a dog person. My neighbors have a cat that is extremely friendly and likes attention though he seems to receive none from them. I was hanging out with him about an hour ago when I came to this realization. I also realize why it is that I love animals so much: two things that are extremely important to me are time and touch. For me, relationships need to have time spent with the other person and physical touch (not in a sexual way mind you). Animals give both of those things at the same time. It makes me miss my girls (twin Huskies)…

I am in love with this huge spiderweb in the front of my house. It has looked absolutely glorious with the flecks of raindrops the past few days. Almost like a fisher’s net pulled from the ocean, the drops of saltwater catching bits of rainbow from the 11 A.M. sun. Magnificent.

I am currently happy to be alive. I suppose that doesn’t seem like anything terribly extraordinary, but when you have and have had health problems, you begin to appreciate life so much more. Then again, life alone is not enough at times; there must be more. Humans sure are complicated, aren’t we…?

Lastly, I am thankful for the love and guidance God has given me as of late. Not that I am ever ungrateful for it, but I have needed Him a lot more than usual lately. I suppose that is one of the benefits of not being close to many people: you have God and God alone to rely on. It makes my trust in Him all the greater. He is my rock, my Lord, my pillow, El-Shabach. Those last two are personal between us.


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