Current listenings

Third time’s a charm. These really are difficult posts for me. “How hard can it be posting some music from Youtube?” you ask. Well, on average I listen to somewhere near 4 hours of music a day. That would mean a total of 28 hours a week. Yes, more than a full day a week listening to music. Frankly, I probably listen to more than that. Like I says, I like music. So from that much music, I boil it down to a handful of songs. Not a simple task. Anyway, let’s see what we have this week.


A little bit less random than last week. It has been a week of thoughtfulness and consideration. I have had many things on my mind and my heart. Unfortunately, most of them sorrowful and the cause of a certain disquietude lurking about my spirit. These songs were quite helpful. Hope you liked them.

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