Why I hate zoos

D-D-D-Double post. I suppose I am going to come off as a bit of a hippie here. I hate zoos. I used to love them as a kid. In fact, I wanted to be an animal trainer or veterinarian.

But now I just hate them. The animals are often mistreated, but that is not even the crux of my qualms, not in this post that is (yes, I also realize there is good done in regards to animal rehabilitation), with zoos. No, at the core of my hatred for zoos is that they take away the animals’ freedom. They were not made to be caged.

Within the cages (“enclosures” sure sounds more palatable…), you can see the light of life die. Their once sharp eyes are blunted by sadness. They fade, lethargic and listless.

Animals were made to live freely. I have no issues with domesticated animals being kept by humans (so long, of course, as they are treated compassionately). But exotic, wild, animals are not for us to cage. They are wild and should be left to run freely.

No, I don’t believe the lives of animals are equal or greater than humans. That doesn’t mean that we should treat them so lightly. They aren’t, rather shouldn’t be, entertainment for us to stare at for a few minutes a year. They are amazing creatures that we ought to realize are not our playthings. Creation’s beauty should not be treated so flippantly and selfishly.

Yes, I do believe that the earth is here for our pleasure. But what pleasure is it to see God’s creatures suffering, taken from the habitat that they were made to live in? If that is considered entertainment, consider me a killjoy.


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