For the strong

“Jesus wept.” – John 11:35 (NKJV)

The shortest verse in the Bible is also one of the most incredible. It tells so much. How deeply does our Lord care for us!

He is not a distant, aloof, uncaring God. He is a God who smiles and weeps over us. We, as individuals, are important to Him.

It also reveals something that Americans would do well to learn. Tears are for the strong. For too long we have associated tears, really openness of emotions, with weakness. And yet God saw fit to weep.

I contend that it is holding back tears that makes a person weak. To be able to weep openly, regardless of what those around you think, that is true strength. Indeed, I do believe we do a disservice to those we love if we refuse to weep over their deaths, a disservice to our own hearts for denying them free expression. Our hearts must not be denied.

Especially as a male, there is a culture of showing no emotion. It is detrimental, and unfair, to ourselves and others in our lives. We refuse to live out loud, to share our true selves. But this is not how it ought to be. We cannot allow our society to bind our hearts. This societal standard has turned us into cowards.

Let us cling to the standard Jesus set. Let us weep when our hearts tell us to do so. Let us love those around us with the depth that God loves us. Let us model our lives around the strength shown by God rather than the “strength” shown by men.


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