More than notes

So as I mentioned in my “Current Listenings” post (I think I am going to do those every Saturday because I love to share my music), I love music. It is one of the most important things to me. But music is so much more than just… well… music.

What is music that is technically superior in its writing, performed perfectly according to technique, worth if there is no emotion in its performance? Playing only with technical precision reduces music to what it is at its base: mathematics. And math, while holding a special nerdy spot in my heart, is dry and emotionless.

The heart of those who play music should come through in the notes as they are played. In all the best music, it does. Music should bring us to tears, make us smile through sorrow, make our hearts dance more than our legs; then again, our physical reactions are only the culmination of the heart’s motions.

Music has been vastly important throughout my life. Whether in sorrow or joy, it has given me words that I didn’t have to speak. I used to sing a lot when I was a kid until… well, that isn’t something I have told anyone, a sorrow that my heart alone will bear. It took almost a decade before I sang in front of anyone again. It was perhaps that moment that made me focus on math and the sciences while eschewing the arts. Hmm…

In any case, music always was there in my heart. It isn’t something that can be stopped. Music is where I find peace in times of sorrow, where I find God when the noise of the world is deafening. There is no coincidence that music is mentioned over a thousand times in the Bible. It is indelibly tied to worshipping God.

Music notes are like sonorous wings for the ineffable movements of our spirit. They give the articulations of our heart mellifluous flight. Undoubtedly, there is a technical side to music in its performance, but I dare say that that is not terribly important compared to it giving speech to our spirits. There are times when I can’t hit the notes, but I still must sing. My heart demands it. And I will never stopping singing. Never again.

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