Back to school

College is back in session tomorrow. I am excited but with reservation. These past 3 months of summer have brought about the rekindling of my heart, the heart that used to dream of saving princesses, of fighting monsters, that propelled me through my woods; my heart that chases wonders and curiosities.

It has been a long time since it remembered the joys of youth. The world, and its noise, have a way of keeping the heart awake, away from the dancing images of sleep. Too long had it been kept awake with the roars of necessity and business.

And now I fear that those silenced beasts will be roused once more. But I must fend them off, fighting for my heart as though a lion and tiger stood side by side, blocking my progress towards salvation. No, I will not attempt to kill them.  I will befriend them, tame them. They are unavoidable and cannot be killed off without killing the silent battle cry of my heart, pressing on towards those dreams I desire.

I will walk ahead of them. They shall follow me but knowing they are mastered. I will feed them and they will guard my way as I press onward. But I will rest at times and find therein the silence the exuberance of a child erupting, the boundless bounded by my companions.

My heart shall sleep under the stars of dreams. But as the dawn warms the cooled mind, I will rise again to the work of day. Then, I will walk once more, the lion and tiger beside me, marching towards a future that is not promised but snatched. I live for the stars, but march towards a brighter night sky during the day.

Well, I suppose that is where my predream reverie must end. To bed, to give dreams substance, to give them power over my mind and body and spirit, dreaming of the purposes God birthed in my heart and prods me to live, cultivate, be; that they may no longer dwell solely within the sleepy coves of night but brought to fruition in the fullness of daylight. Priez, rêvez, êtes.

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