What is important

We do what is important to us. What a terrifying statement. It brings to bear the entirety of being responsible for our actions. More than that, there are times when our hearts condemn our actions. And where does that leave us? That some of the terrible things we do are important to us? Yes.

Underneath our actions, there is a motive. And within that motive we may find a darkness. We must examine our motives to understand our actions. We will never understand, nor change, what we do without knowing why we do it. At best, we end the behavior, but the motive remains and will find expression in another way. It is like treating the symptoms of a disease without curing the ailment.

And so our actions merely represent the internal values we hold. But we also find within ourselves, flawed as we are, disparate and warring values, our noble desires with our base desires. When our hearts do not align with our actions, we find ourselves disquieted, uneasy, irritable and often don’t know why.

We must right our lives to match our hearts if we are ever to find peace. Ever do we deceive ourselves to try to find it. We call a person friend, but give them no time. We think that God is most important to us, but give Him no time. The time and attention we give to anything determines how much we value it. And anything else is the whitewashing of the heart.

Make no mistake: our time is limited. We cannot afford to give our time to everyone. So choose wisely the things and people you keep in your life and heart. It is unfair to keep people in your life for whom you have no time. Give them time or bid them farewell. Either way, you’re going to bear that weight now, of committing to something or abandoning it. Or, by all means, keep lying to yourself. What should I care if you waste your time as long as you don’t waste mine too?


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