Summer nostalgia

Prince – The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Do you have any idea how incredibly hard it is to find a playable version of that song to link? Okay, okay. Why did I link that? I am not typically a Prince fan, but this song is pretty special to me. This is my summer song.

I don’t think I can ever forget the moment when it played on the radio. My babysitter, Kerry, was driving us; my brother, sister, and myself; home from Sandcastle. The sun had grown weary after a full-day shift, slinking lethargically in pale yellows, not yet the rubicund face of exhaustion.

I was sitting in the back, left seat, my brother in the right, the middle empty. My sister sat upfront. Kerry fiddled with the radio knob as we drove on West 7th Street. It was just before the merger into Riverton Street that the song began.

Riverton is where the most vivid image is burned into my mind. The trees on the south side of the street passing by, painted in the sun’s canary light. My window rolled half way down, my mind all the way down. My hair was wet as the still warm, five o’clock air tousled and dried it. The car was steeped in the content quiet of fatigue. It was a moment of pure joy. There was not one misstep of fate.

As summer winds down, this song takes on that same bittersweet fleeting feeling as when a butterfly, having landed on your hand, content for a few moments, absconds out of sight. That moment will always be treasured, but no moment is the same. Nothing will ever be the same as that one gem which our heart alone can covet. Yet, that moment is always stored within the treasury in our heart, free to be held anytime we wish. And more than that, there are always new memories to be had, new songs to bring them wafting to our minds and hearts.


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