Hate is better than a smile

No typo there. I know, it seems like there should be one. How the heck can hate be better than a smile? I suppose after writing this, there will be accusations of me being jaded and cynical but then I don’t particularly care.

Hate is better than a smile because hate is always honest. People don’t fake hate, at least not well or for any nefarious purpose; it is mainly faked for comedic relief. Those who hate, commit violence, sneer, scowl, any form of misery are doing so in truth.

Yet, how many fake smiles do we see on a daily basis? Sure you can tell the difference, but that is not the point. Smiles can mean many things. They can hide sorrow, rage, even hate. But this hate is all the worse for it parades with the mask of kindness. Indeed, that is so often the function of a smile: a mask.

Fortunately, most fake smiles are easily detected, but then we must always wonder. When someone is unkind, cruel, to me, I know that it is done truthfully. And perhaps it is here that the chasm between my thought that hate is better than a smile and most other people’s thoughts is found. I find truth to be one of the most important things the world wide.

Without truth, we would never know anything for sure. In this surety of the obscurity of other people, I find an appreciation for the darkness. That is not to say I hold any kind feelings for evil, but an appreciation of its honesty in this form. Truly, the greatest darkness is the one that parades as light. And there are many such false lights that are far more dangerous than any standard darkness.

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