From whence equality

Equality seems to be agreed upon as the right of all. But does it really exist? And why should it? Too often no one has an answer for these questions. How can we believe something that we cannot justify. “Because” is an impossible, non-answer.

If, as many believe, we are no more than animals, why should we seek after equality? After all, the animal kingdom is well known for having alphas and betas, the rulers and the ruled as it were. The alphas get first stake of food, mates, anything they want. And so too do alphas of the human race. They run their corporations, make the government bow to their wishes through bribery, excuse me lobbying, get their trophy wives (because let’s face it, males are dominant within humanity), the best educations for their children, the finest health care, whatever they desire. Why shouldn’t they? They are the alphas and everyone else the betas.

Of course, excepting the small percent of these individuals, this rings of untruth. Can we really claim majority stake and that because we say so, there ought to be equality? Majority rule cannot justify anything either. Were the Nazis right? Well they were the majority in Germany. See the problem? So we cannot base it on majority alone.

How about basing it on the very nature of being human? Can we agree on what it is that makes us human? One look at the abortion arguments will show we cannot. Among the arguments, some say it is the potentiality of the fetus, others the beginnings of life as a single fertilized cell, or at the quickening when the fetus can move. These are only three of the arguments that exist. One even goes so far to acknowledge the biological identity of humanness in a fetus, but denying the fetus the status of person-hood. So clearly we cannot agree to equality on the basis of our humanity.

There must be a metaphysical reason for our equality. A reason that does not find its base in human reasoning. It is only by the hand of our Creator that we are equal. Our forefathers in America saw this and offered it as the basis of our equality. Within our beings, we have been given those rights which no one can take from us. If there is no God, then we are not equal. It is only in His divine touch upon each life that we find our worth to be precisely the same as everyone else for we have both received this holy embrace.


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