Our society doesn’t appreciate a quiet lifestyle. Introversion of any sort is looked down upon as cowardly, timid, or, worst of all to society, unproductive. And so we follow suit with all those who never stop running. Aren’t you tired of chasing “success”? Would we try to keep up if we knew that these idols of ours aren’t happy with all the running themselves? Don’t mistake my words for saying not to be ambitious.

But we must slowdown. Maybe stop altogether. Even extroverts.

Rest is important to rejuvenating and renewing. This doesn’t pertain solely to our physical bodies. Certainly, our minds need rest in order to think clearly. Above all, rest is vital to our spiritual health. Prayer is not a physically strenuous activity. How can we enjoy the soul-rest Jesus brings when we never stop? So many of the waves in our lives we create for ourselves by always splashing around.

Rest is so vital that God devoted an entire day out of the week for it. We seem to forget that. Even one of the most oft (who actually still says “oft”) quoted verses of scripture is “Be still and know that I am God”. But we still don’t do it. In the midst of the noise, we can no longer hear His voice. And still we try to understand why we are unhappy. It seems so obvious when you read about it, so obvious as I write about it for that matter.

We put off resting to push further, to achieve more, to gain the whole world — and lose our souls. We work extra hours, spend time with everyone we know, clean every speck of dust in our houses, write blog posts… We get so caught up in our expectations, and for that matter the expectations of others, for our own lives, that we forget God’s expectations for our lives. We forget His desires, dreams, hopes for us and try to find our own.

God is not a God of shouts but whispers. Stop and be silent once in a while. Do as Psalms 4 tells us and “search your hearts and be silent”. More than anything rest in the Father’s gentle arms.

Speaking of which, it is time for this guy to sleep.


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