In that moment I was; in this moment I am

Does anyone live in the moment anymore? Sometimes I feel like the only one. The existence of social media and technology seems to have destroyed our nature of existence. We have become our avatars, our screen names, our phones. We are always on but never there.

Our lives have become engrossed in technology and in it we try to capture the moment. But catching moments is much like catching a firefly and jarring it: the moment will lose its life quickly, the luster dulling in its forced captivity. We take our selfies to show how wonderful our lives are. We tap away at our phone like mechanical jackhammers. Trying to be, we cease to be.

Can a photo ever capture life? Anyone who has held a child can tell your that the pictures of them holding the child do not come close. There is movement in life. For this reason alone, a photo will always fall short as it grasps only stillness. A beating heart eludes its hand. Yet, a video does not capture the moment either. It may come closer but it misses the spirit of the moment. In chronicling our lives, I dare say we forget to live them.

Within each second, wherever we may be, there exists a memory accessible only to the human heart. In a blink, it has vanished and a new one has taken its place. Smells, sounds, sights, feelings, thoughts all collide and paint the invisible canvas of our soul. So often we are busy trying to capture the moment and miss in it our rush to grant it immortality. If these moments truly mean so much to us, they shall live on within.

Perhaps it is selfish because without recording our moments, we alone may experience them. That is, however, how it ought to be. We should be living our own lives. If there are people we care so much about that we look at their pictures, text them, swap videos with them, then our lives should coincide in such a way that we have shared life with them, and all those recordings are found to be superfluous, inadequate. And when we are with those we love, let us put down all of the connections and be. Do not settle for the shoals when you may have the depths.

May offer a simple maxim? Be where you are.


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