The ephemeral, the eternal

What is eternal? I find myself thinking about this question often. So often God brings it to my mind during prayer, especially while I am outside. It has been my mind a lot lately. The fireflies, dragonflies, the leaves, they all exemplify the fleeting nature of this world. The passing of someone loved is a clarion shout that our time is limited. Everything that will last is invisible. Our God, our faith, the virtues, our spirits, all those things that cannot be touched, physically that is, are eternal.

We must come to realize what is eternal for it will change how we live. The words we speak cannot be retrieved so we ought to speak carefully. Would we deprive another of love if we realized that it may be the answer to their question of “Why live?”? Would we withhold forgiveness if we knew the sorrow the other person didn’t dare to speak? Only eternity can touch eternity. Our words, our actions, that is to say the movements of our soul, may change eternity for another.

There is nothing worth chasing that is visible, ephemeral. Wealth, titles, houses, jobs will all disappear. They are anchored to this world.

Is love just a chemical? Is joy? Is peace a pipe dream? No, these alone are worth striving for. And I do mean strive for. These great eternities are known only in part in this world. That is no reason to give up on knowing them though. As we chase the perfect eternals, we draw ever closer to their fullness.


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