This post is based off of this wonderful clip from Finding Neverland:

I think that is one of the most beautifully written scenes in existence. It speaks to how we minimize, well, everything.

Most of us, including myself, struggle at times to see the infinite potential around us, within ourselves. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that we fear that infinite potential. I guess that is why we place limitations on it. It is hard to accept the responsibility of being able to affect the world, our own lives. It is easier to say that we are just one person. What difference can one person make? It is simpler to make excuses than to try to do something meaningful.

Worse, we have let it guide the way we live. It is just a smile; it doesn’t make that much of a difference. It is just a hug; it can’t mean the world to someone. It is just a word; it can’t change a life. I am just a janitor, fast food worker, sales representative. I am just a high school dropout, a single mom, a failure. Just stupid, just a hypocrite, just alone.

And if we cannot make a difference, if we are just one person, so is everyone else. We scoff at our dreams, so we scoff at their dreams. In fact, it is easier to look at people as “justs”. In the little boxes we place them in, we control who they are, free to disregard their uniqueness. Confined within our constraints, the hopes and trials of other people disappear; we need neither to be concerned about them nor care.

We are not defined by the “justs” we place on ourselves or that are placed on us. We are defined by what we do. Our actions are important, all of them. But we can only live up to the limitations we accept for ourselves.

Our minds have the power to chain or free us based on what we believe. Lies only have power if we believe them. They are just illusions. They are only as real as we make them.  Therein lies the most insidious part: our true nature may be bound, arrested, if we deny it. Though, our hearts will never accept these untruths. They murmur and hum of the great selves we shackle with the ropes of justs, struggling to be freed.

We are more than we believe ourselves to be, and can be if we only believe it.


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