Live like a child

Our lives scream past. We never stop. Our cell phones are always on, always busy with text messages and phone calls. As adults, there is so much to be done.






We miss out on the wonders around us. And so we are shocked, awed when someone grasps them in a painting, a movie, a song. It is great to discover them in these places, but when did we stop being curious ourselves? When did the world stop being amazing to us? There is something beautiful to be found in each moment, each place, each person we encounter.

I don’t think the only problem is that we aren’t curious anymore. I think that we are also too busy. So busy that our eyes have no time to stop and see everyday miracles. And yet, life is made up of these unnoticed miracles. A smile. A word of kindness. Catching a firefly. The way sunlight freckles the grass through a tree’s branches. A cardinal’s song. We cannot let the world become dull. We must be like children again.

On Saturday, I got to have dinner at some dear friends’ home. Their one daughter came running when I pulled into the driveway, enamored with my yellow car. Yet, as soon as I got out, she was even more enamored with me. She gave me, more accurately my leg, a big hug and followed me into the house. As I stood in the kitchen talking with my friend, she begged me to lift her up. Soon she was touching the ceiling and nothing in the world could have been so amazing. Except sitting on the couch with me and watching How To Train Your Dragon, though I do use the term “sitting” loosely.

Everything was amazing to her. Do you remember when being able to touch the ceiling was the most incredible thing in the world? Do you remember when you lived in the moment? It has been said that we may live one of two ways: as though everything were a miracle or nothing a miracle. I know which I have chosen. I am amazed by the two fawns that have grown up around my house. I was awed by the swarm of ten dragonflies that I saw while walking in the park the other day. I still catch moths and fireflies that get into my house to let them outside.

The world is painted in colors indescribable. The world has wonders for unending curiosities. That world is the world of a child. Find your wonder. Find your childhood reborn in the heights of skyscrapers, the menace of a gargoyle, the rustling of leaves in a breeze. Our world is amazing. Sometimes we just need to slow down and remember it.


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