Death is…

Death has been on mind a lot lately. I guess I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t find it morbid. How rare it is for those who don’t consider its ever present hand and don’t take for granted those blessings in their lives. Then, I have seen my portion of death and darkness in my life.

The husband of someone dear to me recently died from esophageal cancer. He fought for two and a half years. I saw each battle won, each defeat. For two and a half years, both he and she have been in my prayers. It is strange that now I only pray for one of them. And yet that is not a terrible thing. He no longer needs my prayers. He is free from the pain that entangles these earthly shells. Free from the sickness caused by chemotherapy.

So often, even Christians look at death as a “loss”. No. It is no loss. Death is only an interlude to the symphony of life. Our loved ones still live. Their finite lives have only ceased to be fallible, ephemeral, concluding the first movement. The songs we write together in the notes of moments and memories will always remain. And there shall come a day when the first movement ends for us as well; then we shall join those we love in that eternal second movement in heaven. Love cannot be ended by death, but only paused. All the more will absence make our hearts grow fonder as we wait to meet our loved ones for the last time, never more to be parted. Love has overcome.

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